I haven't been on LJ in months. Have you ever seen one of those old abandoned houses with all the overgrown foliage and the like? That's exactly what this is. I haven't checked comms or friends posts in so long, so I'm a horrible person. Where do I start? I guess I will try and keep up with everything new and catch up to you all. BIG SORRIES.

edit: Got caught in pornficstorm. Halp.


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Art Supply List For Semester:

Kneaded Eraser
Sketchbook (12x16 +)
Drawing Pad (medium) 18x24
Newsprint Pad 18x24
Vine charcoal (12 + pieces)
Markers (Fine point black + small range colors)
Scotch tape
White Conte Crayon
Tones Canson Paper (pearl, oyster)

Current funds: $96.24
Status: Fucked

This Might Be Kinda Awesome

I was watching House earlier and noticed a peculiarity about Anne Ramsay - SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE OBAMA!

It's uncanny. They eyebrows, the eyes, the nose, even the smile lines will pull in the same way. I wonder if I should apply for an award somewhere with this discovery?


Been a While

It's been some time since I threw some Jooster at everyone. Not for lack of drawing, but certain projects are getting under way. Hopefully those will be completed soon enough that they will be able to give you all great pleasure.

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